YJ5810 Shaded Pole Motor & Exhaust Fan Motors For Bathroom Kitchen

Are you looking for exhaust fan motors with durable? Are you very concerned about quality, lead time and exhaust fan motor price? Zhenrun Motor is a professional manufacturer and supplier of shaded pole motors established in 2015. we believe we can provide you with the best solutions & perfect products, looking forward to win-win cooperation!

We can customize shaded pole induction motors to fit your needs and application scenarios. Please describe your needs and contact us today for a customized solution!

Working Voltage

Between 100V-240V

Rated power


Rotating speed




Winding Materials

Pure copper



Zhenrun Exhaust Fan Motors Manufacturer

We provide high quality exhaust fan motors for bathroom and kitchen, YJ5810 exhaust fan motor, which has the characteristics of high speed, smooth operation and low noise. Upgrade your ventilation system with our durable and high performance exhaust fan motors!

The product has high-temperature resistance and can work normally for a long time in a high-temperature environment. It is mainly used for cooling and ventilation equipment, especially for exhaust fans, ,ventilation fan motor, box fan motor, tower fan motor,blowers, heaters, fireplaces, ovens, and other products.

 Motor specifications (no-load speed, voltage, torque, diameter, noise, life, testing) and shaft length can be tailor-made according to the customer’s requirements.

YJ5810 Product Features

The product has low vibration, high efficiency and high performance protection level;

It can work normally for a long time under the environment of up to 180 degrees;

Reasonable structural design, flexible direction of lead wires, low product defective rate;

The use of copper wire wire package, in the process of operation, low decibel sound, so that the environment is quieter;

It can be added with different wind wheel and wind blade to achieve different wind effect;

Under the frequency of 60Hz, the no-load speed can reach 3450RPM;

Zhenrun Motor Customization Service

We have our own R&D department and engineering department, and our technicians are professionals specializing in AC motors and DC motors with more than years of experience;

We can provide OEM and ODM quality service, all products can be customized according to customer’s requirements;

Lifetime free product maintenance and technical support;

Quotation within 6 hours, Free samples within 3 days;

10+ years of factory manufacturing experience., Competitive pricing;

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