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The shaded pole motor is a single phase induction motor, and Zhenrun Motor is a professional manufacturer of shaded-class motors. High speed, stable performance, low noise, shaded grade motor specialists, confident in design, quality, manufacturing technology, service and delivery!

As the world’s leading manufacturer of shaded pole induction motor, ZhenRun motors offer excellent ODM services and competitive pricing. For example.
1. Optional shaft: optical shaft, threaded shaft, slotted shaft, etc.
2. Optional bearing: sliding bearing or rolling bearing.
3. Rotation direction: clockwise or counterclockwise.
4. Motor protection: impedance protection, thermal protection by thermal protector or thermostat.

Zhenrun shaded pole motor products are widely used in ventilation systems (such as ventilation fans, exhaust fans, duct fans, etc.), household appliances (such as refrigerators, chillers, range hoods, ovens, heaters, etc.) ) and industrial equipment such as industrial heaters.

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YJ 48 Series shaded pole motor

The shaded pole motor is generally composed of rotor group, stator group, wire pack assembly and bracket assembly.

1、Machining process: including rotor processing, shaft processing.
2、Iron core manufacturing process: including pole iron core punching manufacturing, punching lamination.
3, winding manufacturing process: including coil manufacturing, winding assembly and its insulation treatment (including short circuit ring welding).
4, squirrel cage rotor manufacturing process: including the lamination of the rotor core, rotor die-casting.
5, motor assembly process: including the riveting of the bracket assembly, the main and secondary stator riveting and assembly of the motor, etc.

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“Zhongshan Zhenrun has helped us solve many field problems, and I have to say their engineers are very experienced and can quickly help me solve high temperature problems caused by excessive speed. If you are looking for a solution for a shaded pole motor application, I can’t think of any reason not to work with them.”

Amila Mendis
Buyer from IN

Shaded Pole Motor Application